Top 12 Music Blogs In Kenya


We decided to rank Kenyan blogs that focus on Kenyan music. Here’s our list:

  1. Kenyan Musik – Is our highest ranked musik blog in Kenya considering a combination of sole focus plus higher number of visitors. They review and provide news about Kenyan music industry.
  2. Up Nairobi– focuses more on music events but still is one of the best go-for Kenyan music destinations online
  3. Getmziki– is a music content aggregation blog
  4. Aipate– Here, we find ourselves in our own list but yes, we provide mostly industry insights and singles/albums’ reviews.
  5. Kenyanpoet– is a blog that combines both poetry and music.
  6. 64 HipHop -provides music features and reviews.


7. EDM Kenya– focuses on electronic and dance music news, events and reviews.

8. Mzuka Kibao – Uploads music and updates news about Kenyan musicians.

9.Juiced Today– The blog focusses on music events and news.

10. The Camille Way -A blog by Camille Storm, she reviews music and albums.

11. LoveNairobi focuses on music videos from Kenya.

Compiled and Written by Phillip Nyalenda- Music business consultant, publicist and talent manager…This post appeared first on Aipate Magazine.