Tin Pan Plays Nairobi Live From Ankole Grill On January 12th-16th

From the streets of New York City and the swamps of New Orleans, Tin Pan creates infectious, vocal driven jazz delivered with passion, fun and high energy. It’s intoxicating. Since coming together in 2006, Tin Pan has released seven full-length cd’s and has performed over 1,000 times in countries all over the world.

Mixing rough and tumble jazz with the gritty side of blues, Tin Pan offers listeners American roots music that captivates the soul. Jesse Selengut, the band’s founder, has this to say: “We started performing on the streets of New York and the response was immediately overwhelming – and not just from people of our age group. Young children would bounce and dance with the joy of the moment and the older folks would recognize songs from their youth, sometimes singing along.”

Nairobi audiences may remember Jesse from his band “Noir” which performed at Mercury in 2008. This will be Tin Pan’s first journey to the continent of Africa and are overjoyed to be making their African debut in Nairobi.

Also of note, Tin Pan’s song “Evening” is rapidly becoming and internet sensation with over 1,017,600 hits on YouTube.

The New York Times had this to say: “A strong, bluesy voice full of heart. We all feel it.”

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