Throne by Navio x King Kaka | Two Kings Share Throne On 4th Single Off “The Chosen” Album


Already being heralded and the hardest collaboration this year, Navio and King Kaka are taking East African HipHop to new heights with “Throne”.

The collaboration is the long over due single that the fans have been waiting for, sparking both critics and controversy.

Their new collaboration comes at a time when the “Throne” in Kenya has been debated about. Artists have begun a friendly war of words to discern who is the King of HipHop in Kenya.

In Uganda however, that dispute came to an end a while back after Navio released his last album “Pride”.

Originally a solo Navio song, “Throne” was produced by Samurae in the 2 week time span that it took Navio to record the album. It was recorded at Talent Africa studios with Dawoo doing the final master at Audio Central which is one of the first dedicated Mastering Studios in Africa.

This is the 4th single release off Navio’s “The Chosen” album while the last collaboration with Nigeria’s Burna Boy is now at number 6 on the African Charts.

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Navio also revealed that there are plans shoot for a video for this single, a video that will take Africa by storm.

In the meantime enjoy this track on a compilation of clips from past events by both Navio and King Kaka as presented by Navcorp in association with Kaka Empire.