The powerful voice of Songbird Karimi Rimbui Wamai

Karimi Rimbui Wamai stands out as one of Kenya’s leading singers, a truly gifted bard for this generation who is talented as a vocalist, worship leader and an amazing voice coach.

The worship leader and lead vocalist first came to public limelight as a vocalist on the much acclaimed Mavuno Worship Project compilation & subsequent US Tour in 2007.
Since then, Karimi has been a part of a number of musical productions, providing her vocal prowess to numerous musical productions and recordings.

In 2015, Karimi launched her debut singles, Ni Wewe Tu and Never Let Me Go, introducing herself for the first time ever as a solo recording artist. In launching these singles, and an album later in the year, Karimi Rimbui Wamai is claiming a place that she has long prepared for, and a wonderful new addition to Kenya’s top echelons of female vocalists.

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If you end this year and still have no idea who Karimi is the believe me when i say you missing out on so much amazing music in Kenya. Listen to her music below.