The Man by Steph Kapela x Timmy Blanco | Got the Juice Star Proves Why He Is The Man To Listen To


​This month goes down history books, mine of cause, as the month with most great tracks ever.

I will not take full credit for discovering this track as as a good friend o mine DJ Mandy suggested I sample it ad before I k ew it I was glued t this track and cool enough it’s my current ringing tone.

So lets get down to it… Steph Kapela is the man behind this lit Afro hiphop track dubbed “The Man”.

Super hyped thus track brings in great elements of trap music while Steph keeps his cool at the same time rhyming like one of those international star and if it wasn’t for him using Swahili in his lyricism, I would loose the war to prove he is Kenyan.

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Well equipped vocally,  the “Got the Juice” star does not only rap but sings as well giving him the upper hand in terms of performance flexibility.

Produced by K. Songwe aka Kaxi and Atwal Adwok, “The Man” recorded at Callivan studios,  this track is definite track you need on your playlist.

Sample it below and share with us your thoughts on this one, enjoy.