Siri by African Sunz x TimTim | Norway Based Duo Unveil First Hit Done On The African Music Scene

New and fresh out the oven is African Sunz’ first ever single to be released in the African music scene. African Sunz, an Afrobeat group based in Norway, made of Balita Serge Buhendwa from Rwanda and Dennis Kimani from Kenya. The latter is a brother to Stella Mwangi STL.

Their latest single ‘Siri’ is produced by award winning producer MG credited with the success of artists like Gilad, Hart the Band among others. When you press play the beat that hits you is so magical, I may not get the first verse as it’s not done is Swahili nor English but you can always tell good music when you hear one!

On this effort, the group has featured Tim Tim an accomplished guitarist and musician who has recorded with artists like Gilad, Harry Kimani and staged live performances with Gogosimo Band, Kidum and calabash Band.

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African Sunz currently on a media tour in Nairobi and Kigali, seem to have started the year on the right foot, they keep this up and 2018 will be one of the best year’s ever!

Watch ‘Siri’ below and share with us your take on this one, enjoy.