Silence the cold this festive season with this warm-sexy outfit


There is always the question that leaves every fashion minded person in a delimma, balancing the equation between the uncontrollable natural factors like weather and looking as stylish as possible…leaving most women to be precise with the difficult option of frying themselves in the harsh cold as the expensive price of looking sexy and fashionable as possible, but even even if they look eye candy to the preying eyes out there they do it at the risk of their own health. Well here is a great idea combined for you to be the cold and remain warm and fashionable this festive season.



Here is the outfit pairing; a fitted beige turtleneck sweater, a high-waisted skinny trousers and a pair of single-sole strapped heels for that simple, warm and sexy look.

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Joy Kendi

Tuttle-neck sweater-Thrift

High-Waisted skinny trousers-WetSeal

Heels-Backyard Shoez.