Sick by Dom | Musicbank’s First Lady Goes Ham On The Kenyan Music Industry Cohorts


MusicBank’s first lady D, real name Dom Mwangemi, is back with new music after the release of “Ujana ni Moshi”, a soft soothing song and top-notch video where she is encouraging young girls to live their lives and dreams and avoid abusive, heartbreaking and unappreciative boyfriends or relationships that demean their voice as young girls.

The young female rapper and singer, unsatisfied with the success of the song “Ujana ni Moshi” and more so the unheard voice of other young talents, has hit back on the non-supporting Kenyan media for lack of support for new generation artists in this new song titled “Sick”.

The artist, seemingly bitter about the industry cohorts, is calling for all industry stakeholders, media and fans to support Kenyan music especially the new generation of artists who are extremely talented so that Kenya can regain its glory as an African music powerhouse.

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Dom has maintained her stand for her art, and that is, doing her own style and sound without trying to fit in to the Kenyan market, with which she is disappointed of not supporting new artists, even when they conform to the Kenyan sound and style.

Listen below and share with us your thoughts on this one.