Broke Romantic Colonel Mustafa Rides Matatu With Girlfriend.

Colonel Mustafa is among the celebrities who have been part of public scrutiny for a very long time. He has been followed by controversies countless times, leaving many thinking – is that just part of his lifestyle?

A while back, Mustafa found himself in hot soup after he was accused of featuring a lady in his raunchy video without the consent of her blind husband. He was arrested and grilled at CID headquarters for close to five hours and 2 days ago, he was involved in an exchange on air with the blind man, doubling Kenyans; anger towards him.

He later on found himself in a pot of water. Both Mustafa and Coast based female artiste Nyota Ndogo were on each others’ throats because Nyota was not pleased with his actions.

But things seem to be getting better for the ninja. He finally introduced his girlfriend to the public and she’s quite a catch.

He has been blasting his social media accounts with her photos indicating that he’s not afraid to show you his lady.


He has also posted photos of the two riding in a matatu and some of the captions are rather confusing. One of the captions read, “Tuko ndani ya matatu. Kusota nayo. 😆😆😆😆😆.”

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Another one read, “Mpenzi usichoke ni hali ya maisha. Leo kwenye matatu Kesho kwenye #verossa Hahahaaha leo ni leo.”

The captions are quite confusing. Is he really broke or is this some publicity stunt?

Well, I guess that’s for him to know and for us to find out.

Check out the photos below.



Source – Kiss 100