Red Namba Plate by Octopizzo | New Installation Off Pizzo the King’s 5th Studio Album

Finding his way back to my favorite list of rappers, Pizzo the King is back with one of the biggest hip-hop tracks of 2018 yet! Now I know you must be thinking why on earth did I stop listening to Octopizzo and the answer is I did not, just wasn’t feeling the whole trap and murmuring style he had ventured in as ‘Tergat Gang’.

His all new ‘Red Namba Plate’, engineered by Jon Rook is definitely the type of Octo I love, his universally recognized voice with Sheng just makes any song a hit. Keeping his flow sharp and remaining keen on rhymes, Octopizzo goes hard on the heavy beat delivering a track to jam to on your headphones or at the club.

Directed by Chebeni, its visuals shot locally with scenes of local work places representing Africa, definitely ensuring he follows the theme of the likes of ‘Nu Africa’ off his forthcoming album where this track is drawn from.

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I also noticed a protege in the video, dressed and making hand gestures more or less like Octopizzo, lets hope he is grooming a successor right.

Watch it below, enjoy.

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