Rapper Mosbee’s take on why most Kenyan musicians are single.

We all know those big and famous names in the Kenyan music industry from CMB Prezzo, Zappy Majirani, Rapper Mosbee to even Khaligraph Jones you can name them all but have you ever wondered why inspite being rich and famous most Kenyan artists tend to remain single or rather can not sustain relationships. Well the self-made King Rapper Mosbee answers this interesting question for you.

“I think most Kenyan musicians, I included, we are being Confused By ‘One night girls’ and we forget our heart needs. Rapper CMB Prezzo Confessed it on his KTN interview which brought big attention from fans.

Also zappy Majirani confessed it on Facebook and after having conversation with him he proved it to be true. We as Kenyan artistes we are sounded by party girls a call em Bishes who take away all our attentions hence leading to breaking up.

The main thing why Kenyan musicians are Single is their minds are being occupied by things that will benefit their fans, Like for me, I broke up with my Girlfriend cause of Pictures I posed with some ladies who were Just my fans But they exposed it On Social Media and there had rumours that there was something fishy going on.
Same thing Happen to Rapper CMB Prezzo broke up with his wife because he used to come home late after going out with party girls. As musicians it is simply hard to put a guard on you because you don’t want to embarrass or disappoint someone you are with that time.
Zappy Majirani is now single simply because he is being accused by former girlfriend of being a player just because he goes out with party girls. Khaligraph Jones Said on his page sometime ago that “Girls Are after him cause of the name” so he ends up being single.” Rapper Mosbee states.