Penda Mungu and Halleluyah by Teezeh | Afropop Prince Gives Us A Spiritual Double Treat


He is back ladies and gentlemen, the Kenyan Afropop prince has unveiled two new singles after a successful reign with “Cheza Chini” that featured comedian Obinna.

Releasing two singles at once, “Penda Mungu” which he teams up with fellow artist Jay 2 and the second titled “Halleluyah”.

Taking a different and least expected turn, Teezeh’s new singles are all gospel and for a second I thought he has been born again but speaking to us, the young star exclusively revealed, “I’m a secular artist but you do not need to be a gospel artist to praise God…He is my God I can even release Him a full album if I wanted to, Kwanza hii iko na message clear ata kushinda wale watu wanajiita wa gospel na huimbia akina Njeri na Anyango kwa kila song.”

While taking shots at fellow artists, Teezeh made it clear all these tracks were a tool to praise and give thanks to God for the amazing things he has done for him, “So people shouldn’t get it twisted eti nani ameokoka sasa… By the way wokovu si kuimbia Mungu but ni kutambua Mungu kama Mungu hehehe, na me humtambua, so waseme tu venye wanataka.”

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Listen to “Halleluyah” below.

Trying to cater for both audiences, those who simply love to listen and not do much dancing and all as “Halleluyah” is just the perfect song for that while for those who love to move to the beat, “Penda Mungu” is the perfect choice.

Listen to “Penda Mungu” below.