Papasa by Serah Sarah | Afro-soul Queen Confesses Her Feelings In This Zouk Song


“Ukirudi”, “Kayumbet” and “Dance With Me” are just but a few of the projects that Afro-soul queen Serah Sarah has won my heart and that of many music lovers with, availing proof that indeed Kenya’s got talent!

Personally the Mombasa bred Nairobi based vocalist, singer and songwriter has all the potential in the potential in the world to be bigger and am not so sure why bigger labels haven’t snatched this talent yet! So if you are reading this get to work.

Sinking her musical roots even deeper, Kits Rock Band member has another mesmerizingimg_20161130_221554.jpg track just for you, dubbed “Papasa” a Swahili word for caress is a love song that she uses to tell this love story she is unashamed to confess.

Adding flavor to the song is Serah’s friend and legendary guitarist Ibrahim Tamfum who explores his talent and years of experience to bring that sweet beat to your ears in a way only he can.

Produced by Congolese Legendary producer Mastola the video was directed by Albibi and adopts a live recording session making it more powerful as unlike watching a video of one simply lip syncing and dancing along to their music, Serah brought in the live factor as she aimed to connect more with the audience. Watch it below and let us know your thoughts in the comments box below, hope you enjoy it just as much as we did. Cheers!

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