Octopizzo does the unexpected at the second annual Bingwa Music Awards.


The Bingwa Music Awards went down last evening at Prestige Plaza, seeing a couple of local and international acts scoop gold in various categories during the night, one of the artists Namba nane finest rapper Octopizzo who worn the award for the Bingwa Comeback of the Year did the unexpected when he declined reception of his award and in return he requested the award given to one of the nominees in the same category-Wahu Kagwi.


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Artists doing unexpected things at awards ceemonies is not a new thing lets face it Kanye is the king of such moves but I find Octopizzo’s deeds to some extend noble and again why return it? It’s an award and you were voted bro so just take it and dedicate it to the fans or whoever you wish to do so with. This occurrence on the other hand raises the question do awards organizers and judges in Kenya really understand what they are doing? Octopizzo who took it to his social media page to explain his reasons saying.

 Thanks Bingwa Awards for the Award last Night,unfortunately I won’t take the award of “ComeBack Artist Of The Year” I never went anywhere,I’ve been here since my 1st hit single ‘On Top’ I put in more work than any artist of my Genre ,unless you are awarding me for coming back from my Europe tour then it doesn’t make sense, I never understand awards in this Country, I’d rather you acknowledge and respect my work than award me and nominating me for a “comeback” Award which was such a joke, so if you don’t mind please give my award to Wahu who was in the same category. Next time you nominate me please make sure you do a background check of my catalog; The Quality of Hip hop music when it comes to Audio and video that I’ve brought to this industry since I stepped in. You can’t compare to any not even close,All in all I wish you the best and congrats to the “Winners” last night and we still have along way to go as far as awards are concerned.

From everything Octopizzo said he actually made perfect sense, why should he be awarded when he has been here ever since his first hit and since there was no categories for returning from tours or travels  hahaha, then I truly agree there was no sense in him being award and wait a secxond he dint bother turning down the nomination either huh? but again am really proud that Bingwa took time and effort to appreciate our very own local talents.