Nuba by Ajo | Second Installation Off His Forthcoming Album ‘African Reality’

Fresh off his forthcoming album “African Reality”, “Nuba” is a song about African identity. This song refocuses the attention on self-worth and acceptance of who we are as Africans from skin color to mental tenacity.

“Nuba” a collective term used for the various indigenous peoples who inhabit the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan state in Sudan. Although the term is used to describe them as if they composed a single group, the Nuba is an umbrella term encompassing multiple distinct peoples that speak different languages, often belonging to unrelated language families.

The song points out some of the outstanding characters in African history such as Shaka of the Zulu Kingdom, Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire, Kabalega of the Bunyoro Kingdom, Emorimori of Teso among others.

Highlights the state of life in Africa with personal description of how it feels to be part of Africa by pointing out some of the gruesome acts that have been crippling the continent including and encourages Africans to raise the vail that is blinding them so that they see more clearly what the world is offering. It’s not the entire continent’s perception but a story told through Ajo’s looking glass.

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Produced by Nase Avatar of PortBell Drive music, listen to “Nuba” below.

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