Nu Afrika by Octopizzo | Hiphop King Unveils Visuals Off His Fourth-coming Fifth Studio Album


To be the best you must differentiate yourself from the masses, be unique and original like only you can be! When I say this only a few names come to mind and Octopizzo makes that list.

Doing his thing like the king he is, Octopizzo has owned his rap style with sheng language since his debut on the music scene and even after years of growth and transformation one thing that has remained still is his Kenyan touch.

Unveiling his latest single dubbed “Nu Afrika” a phrase translating to new Africa, used commonly to refer to the new pan-African culture on the continent.

In this new single the “TBT” rapper encourages all to invest in Africa now that later as Africa is the future of the world. Rapping in Sheng and English, the song carries a rhythymatic hook following traditional African sounds on urban hiphop drum beats.

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Accompanied by stunning visuals directed by Gone & Ballyz, this track sets the bar high as usual in matters quality and production standards.

Watch the video below and hit us up with your feedback in the comments box below.