Mimi Na Wewe by Afreeka | Duo Reassures Each Other Of Their Forever Love In This Ballard


Kenyan duo Afreeka have been together and managed to performed since 1999, yes quite a long time of producing lyrically conscience music don’t you think?. Even though they had performed for a number of years it wasn’t until 2007 that they settled on the name Afreeka.

Shared the stage with names like General Levy, Mykal Roseand Gentleman, Festa te le mieru and Festa di birra leading to their two songs “More love” and “Back to Africa” to be featured onmixed cd compilations “Piu amore” in 2008 and “Voce della Drago” in 2009.

With an album under their belt “Summer Jamming” which consisted of 10 songs. While still enjoying a fair share of airwaves love with their most recent hit single “Amani, Upendao na Umoja”, the talented music makers have unveiled yet another hit smash dubbed “Mimi na Wewe”.

Translating to me and you in Swahili, “Mimi na Wewe” is a love song used as a rebond tool between two lovers as they seek to reassure each other of their forever love.

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Performed mostly in English and Swahili the song imports the signature sound of Afreeka as it is in their past projects, maintaining originality while being creative and entertaining as always.

Produced by Afreeka, the song come along with visuals that narrates the story-line of the song quite clearly.

Watch them below and share with us your thoughts on this one, enjoy!