Meet the Oceanic fresh Diani-Based South Ocean Gang (S.O.G)

South Ocean Gang is a talented rap group from Diani, South coast of Kenya. The group made up rappers Vovak The’virus ,King and last but not least FreeBoy. The trio’s music is done in three main languages of Swahili, English and Spanish (King does in Spanish). Their first debut track dubbed Nipe Mic was performed by Vovak The-Virus which got the attention and had the claim their space in the industry and soon after followed dope tracks like Niko Mtaa, Murder and their current song See Me Fail something that has even got them featured on Absolute Underground Radio; a Canadian radio station.

Their second track Niko Mtaa talks about the musical life of the trio in the southern town of Diani as they also thank God for how far they have come. With four tracks already released the group is also working on their mixtape titled Ocean Lifestyle that also has more tracks we still being worked on before the full mixtape is released. “It has not been an easy musical journey but we thank God everywhere we go people who hear our music and like it…It hasn’t paid us much but we believe it will pay…This is just a revolution to the Game. We want to bring heat to the game…Ocean Boyz straight from the block got much to show the world.” FreeBoy states. Check out Murder by South Ocean Gang (S.O.G) below.

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