Meet Tabu Osusa – 6th AFRIMA Juror From Kenya


William Osusa, a Kenyan native, is the founding Executive Director of Ketebul Music, and plays a key part of the East African music industry.

In the last 30 years, he has been involved in the music industry as a promoter, producer, composer, and band manager. He is better known in the music circles as Tabu Osusa.

He has been actively involved in shaping the careers and running some of the top recording and performing bands and artists in the country, including the much-acclaimed Orchestra Virunga and The Nairobi City Ensemble, and more recently Iddi Achieng,’ Makadem, Suzanna Owiyo, Olith Ratego, Ogoya Nengo, Gargar and Winyo to mention but a few.
In 2004, Tabu was the lead consultant on a radio music project which focused on tracing the history of East African music, from the 1960s to the present.

Also, together with the director of Alliance Française in Nairobi, Tabu Osusa co-chairs the steering committee of the ‘Spotlight on Kenyan Music’ project which seeks to discover and promote young talent, performing a blend of African music.

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He is involved in Project Coordinator of the Retracing Series and since 2010, Ketebul Music under Mr. Osusa has produced and released three documentaries titled; “Retracing The Benga Rhythm”, “Retracing Kikuyu Popular Music” “ Retracing Kenya’s Funky Hits”.

Tabu Osusa

He has also been the Project Coordinator for the Singing Wells Project, a partnership project between Ketebul Music and Abubilla Music from London, UK.

Tabu Osusa is among a few Africans involved in Arts and Culture who have been recognized by Cultures France in the current edition of their global cultural guide titled “Les Aventuriers de la culture.”

He is also a member of Equation Musique, which is a programme that gives opportunity to 12 music industry professionals from Africa in the frame of Womex, to meet with their European counterparts.

He regularly collaborates with the Goethe Institute in Nairobi as a music consultant and is currently working on a concert series known as “Muziki wa Kenya” with a view to promoting emerging Kenyan artists.