Meet Kris Joe | From being just a fan to recording great music.

Born December 1991 as Chris Njue Gikunda also known y his stage name as Kris Joe, is a Kenyan rapper and an entrepreneur in real estate business, middle man in land selling.

He was born and raised in Meru, central region of Kenya and  He completed high school back in 2010 and and in 2012 joined campus to pursue a degree in Project Management at University of Nairobi.

After high school, he used to visit his elder brother at his music studio-Somi Records Production as a fan of music and this is where he got influenced to doing music.

His love for music grew stronger by the day and this sparked the desire in him to become a musician, this was not just a fantasy as Kris had the talent in him as this dream became more vivid.

Kris Joe 1

Having worked with other artists like Ameru Crew, Akasha the Don, Brendan Koffi, Jeushaphat Kimaita, Emma Kaim in “Siku Moja” and Kenyan Dual in the hit single “Acapella Lover”

The two later songs have gained him much fame and acceptance in the industry as not only as a collaborative act but has also emphasized on his solo career.

His latest project “Siku Moja” is a gospel song spreading hope to anybody who wants to be successful in life.

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The song dedicated especially those in art industry, from musician to performers.

“I got inspired by the negative challenges I face in music.some telling u doing music is a joke…Basically ,the song is giving hope to hopeless” States Kris Joe.

It is clear Kris has much in store for us, and we can not wait to see and hear more from the young star as he seeks to expand his horizons in the music industry, in the meantime as we wait for the video dropping next month, download his latest song “Siku Moja” available on Mkito via link below.

Watch “Acapella Lover” by Kenyan Dual and Kris Joe below