Meet Creative Band Kenya (CBK) | Talented Trio Taking Kisumu To The World


Creative Band Kenya is a group of very talented young men based in the lakeside city of Kisumu that is taking the local entertainment scene by storm.

Comprising of three super talented vocalists namely Alex Ogolla aka Papa Aleki, Allan Omondi aka Blou and Stanley Otieno aka Zdano, Bovince is the manager of the group and Blou also doubles up a lead guitarist for the band, CBK has not only entertained corporates in the region but have gained much love from fans country wide.


I call them the most talented creative music band to ever arise from the lake side city of Kisumu, but you can call them the Creative Bank Kenya (CBK) and even with their short less than two years of existence in the industry they are compared to big names like Ohangla-man Makadem, Osogo Owinyo, Jerry Jalamo just to name a few.

The trio made their musical debut with the track “Siro” a Luo slang for Kikuyu word “Ciru” which was an invitation to Ciru asking her to come to the lake side city.

Well the jam played a major role in both bringing coexistence amongst Kenyans and doubled up a tool they used to sell the city of Kisumu by exploring major tourism attraction sites in the region as well.

Creative Band Kenya 1

Shortly they released their current hit single “Unapendeza” (You are beautiful) a Swahili song that they released in appreciation of the African woman in every sense of their incomparable beauty.

Currently the group is working on their third single dubbed “Rasukha Murwe” (Gone Crazy) and the video is to be released this Friday the 26TH of August in Kisumu and personally I have grown fond of CBK and I tell you I cannot wait for the new release.

For lovers of contemporary African music and especially those who have a thing for Benga music, look no further as CBK got your back!

In the meantime watch “Siro” by Creative Band Kenya below and share with us your thoughts in the song in the comments box, enjoy.

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