Meet The Band BeCa | An All Female Band Of Two Immensely Talented Singers


Our local music scene is a male dominated industry, remember the likes of Calif Angels and Tatuu well following the footsteps of these revolutionary talented women is a new girl group that is taking Kenyan airwaves by storm.

They are called The Band BeCa – an all female band of two immensely talented singers, Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru and as you can tell the band’s name was derived from the first two letters of the members to coin the name BeCa.

Becky and Carol met at Penya Africa’s Sauti Academy a few years ago while undertaking a vocal training course and decided to blend their voices and kick off their musical career.


In 2015 they became much sought after background vocalists of a popular reggea band in Kenya and have performed in big concerts which included the Morgan Heritage Extravaganza, Sportpesa Festival, Nairobi Market Fashion, The Park, Choices amoung others.

BeCa brings a different feel to the music industry with their style which is greatly influenced by dancehall and alternatively reggea, with powerhouse voices, style and attitude, the Band Beca is about to shake things up in the industry.

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Set to make their musical debut as a band on Tuesday 20TH September, 2016 with their first single dubbed “Toka” an assertive song dedicated to men who have the habit of cheating on their ladies and once caught they go down their knees begging for forgiveness.


From what I have heard and seen I can confirm that these are the faces that will be running the Kenyan music industry and to my fellow male acts I have to warn you, watch out for these two as they mean business.

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