Maduong’ by Joyous Joy | How Big Is Your Faith In God? 

​So it’s Sunday and I feel like giving you a dose of your weekly worship and praise gospel jams, don’t get ahead of yourself this is no ordinary praise song you are used to as it has an amazing traditional flavour.

From the likes of Emmy Kosgei and Ben Githae or many more gospel artists who stick to their roots but still give a magnificent performance that no matter the dialect one speaks they have the power to touch hearts and change lives. 

She is a new act km the scene, a singer songwriter and performing gospel artist- Joyous Joy is a Kenyan born again christian who ministers through music.

Born is Siaya county, Joy ‘s music career started earlier this year when she released her debut single “Uinuliwe”(Praise your name) a song that she used to give praise and thanks unto God a project carries out by Dreamland’s Dr. Eddie. 

Releasing her second single titled “Maduong'” a Luo word meaning big or huge, which is a praise song.

“Maduong’ means big and we love but is our faith in God also big? Hebrews 11:6Its hard to convince our father in heaven without brother and sister how is your faith??” Joy posses the question.

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Sang in Luo and done with bits of Rhumba the video is quit stunning and has an extra amazing plus on it as it features lyrics in English as subtitles for non Luo speakers to decors the message. 
Produced by Jacky B the video was directed by singer songwriter cum director Sammy Dee. 

Listen and watch the video below and let us know what you think of this one in comments box below, enjoy.