Lote by King Kaka x Didge | Rabbit Tells Bedroom Tales In This Authentic and Intimate Hit

One of the most influential Kenyan rappers of today and CEO of Kaka Empire, Rabbit King Kaka has maintained a streak of hits for the past couple of years and well even though sometimes he disappoints, he never fails to bounce back with a legit piece.

On his new project, a collaboration between him and soulful singer and performing artist Didge have teamed up to unveil a smooth romantic track dubbed “Lote”.

A Swahili word meaning all or everthing, “Lote” is an authentic Swahili RnB track bringing back that great feeling from back in the 90’s sound in which the artist commit their love fully to this lady they so love.

Telling an intimate story and as King Kaka says, the track is all about stories from his bedroom produced by Kaka Empire.

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Accompanied by all sexy and stunning visuals directed by Johnson Kyalo for Empire Films. I don’t think have words to emphasize on why you must watch this track.

Watch the video below, enjoy.

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