Let Me Down by Yusuf Habih | Dreamland Music Signee Stamping His Authority

Fast rising star Yusuf Habih steps up his game with a brand new video after landing a mouthwatering recording deal with the household giant Dreamland Music Empire. Dubbed ‘Let Me Down’, Yusuf does not let us down in this new piece as he seems more focused on stamping his authority in the business.

With the success of his its predecessor ‘Wayawaya’, this new track is characterized by an elegant high-budget video, the fast rising star has shown to be only getting better and he is more than ready for the big stage.

“Dear fan, anything that costs your happiness is expensive. It all started in the rainy month of April; now here we are – listening to #LetMeDown.

Things happened so fast, the flame has since crumbled, laughter replaced with smiles, kisses to hugs, and love to just like.

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You cannot be too sure, if it’s another persons’ heart! #LetMeDown only proves your spouse is not your relative.”, Yusuf said in a caption.

Produced by Dr. Eddie, the visuals were direct by Dreamland Empire Music.

Watch them below, enjoy.

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