This Is Why Kisumu Artists Cannot Afford To Miss KECOBO Organized Forums


The Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) must be lauded for its efforts to streamline the opaque world that is the Collective Management Organizations (CMOs).

A week ago, KECOBO showed it’s not all bark with no bite after declining to renew the Music Corporate Society of Kenya (MCSK) license.

Artists across the country have complained, and even participated in street protests, over meager Royalties from CMOs.

With MCSK now out of the way-at least in the interim-KECOBO is “establishing a workable Collective Rights Management Regulatory framework that promotes transparency, accountability and good governance among Kenyan Collective Management Organizations”.

Artists in Nairobi and Eldoret attended forums organized by the regulatory body and the feedback has been nothing short of positive. The 27 page regulations document formed the basis of the discussions in the well attended events that also brought KAMP and PRISK on board.

KECOBO now heads to Kisumu on the 28th February 2017 at Jumuia Hotel to engage artist on the CMOs regulations and their input on the way forward.

Kisumu artists took to social media to express their joy upon learning MCSK license had not been renewed and asked KECOBO to put PRISK and KAMP under close scrutiny. One artist wondered why KAMP, for example, retains close to 80 percent of collections in form of administrative costs and gives out the remainder as royalties.

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Another Kisumu based artist questioned how CMOs arrive at the royalties they pay them.

“I have never received any log from MCSK. This is the same with many other artists I know”, the artist wrote in Vybez Awards Facebook Group.

Seasoned artist Mak Adem says he does not care if MCSK license-or any other CMOs- is wiped from the Kenya music scene since his music is never played on any local radio station.

“My music never receives airplay in the local radio and TV stations since I don’t have ‘hit songs’. Artistes who receive massive airplay should be the ones making noise”, a bitter Mak Adem shared with this writer.

It is just a matter of days before Kisumu based artists share their legitimate concerns with KECOBO, KAMP and PRISK. See you all there.

Download the document below.