Kenya’s sexiest deejay is bumped, DJ Pierra Makena is 5 months pregnant.



Should I say Congratulations or Sorry?, well that will depend with who am telling so first CONGRATULATIONS to Pierra Makena and well of cause sorry to all Team Mafisi members
The big new broke out yesterday on DJ Pierra Maken’s Instagram account that she was…Well you were right if you guessed…Pregnant.
The sexy deejay hinted earlier on in the day that she had some great news to share and even went to ahead to offer 5000/- for anyone who could get the answer correct and funny enough someone did!On her Instagram she wrote

“Talk of exciting news!!!!!!! Whoah!!! This is gonna be a big one!!!!! Can’t wait to share later tonight… It brings tears of joy to my eyes…five thousand for anyone who can make a correct guess.”


This raised speculations with everyone waiting to hear the news and even  as the guess work went on very few could actually hit the Bull’s-eye with the correct guess of what the great news from Pierra Makena was all about and three hours later the timer stopped.

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“5 months well into motherhood!! Very excited for all the joys that this will bring!!!”

That being said the big question is who is the guy behind this cute baby bump?Until we figure that out for now we want to say Congratulations and welcome to motherhood DJ PieMakena