For the first time I got to sample music from this amazing American gospel group Christafari, which from my understanding is the marriage of Christian and Rastafari.

On there three week missionary trip while they were ministering to the Maasai tribe in the remote foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro on the border of Tanzania, they decided to shot stunning visuals to this project.

Titled “Jump like a Maasai”, a title derived from a contest that they held which involved men jumping for prizes to the highest jumper in a bid to reach as many people as possible with the gospel.

“Our eyes were full of tears as we were greeted by the tribeswomen, singing and dancing as they welcomed us. We used generators for power but it was a daunting task to bring an entire sound-system and massive stage setup to the middle of nowhere.

It also became clear that an outreach concert alone would not be enough to attract these cattle-herding nomads. Since the Maasai are notorious for being some of the highest jumpers in the world, we spread the word across the African savannah that we were holding a jumping contest and would be giving away a goat, calf, and cow to the 3 highest jumpers. The word spread like wildfire!” they narrate the story behind this song.

“The first day was incredible and we drew a large crowd for the outreach concert, but by the time the gospel message was preached, all the men in the tribe had left to tend their cattle. However, we did see all the women and children surrender their lives to Christ! The next day we were determined to present the Gospel to the men as well and so we held off the jumping contest until right after the Gospel message. We were overwhelmed by the response! Every man raised his hand and prayed the Sinner’s Prayer!” they added.

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Coming off Christafari’s “Hearts of Fire” CD available at, “Jump High Like a Maasai” features real footage captured during their three-week tour of Kenya in 2017.

Watch it below and hope you enjoy.