Introducing Williamz | Newest star taking Kenyan music to the world.

As a new star its never easy, making the strangle to do music and even if you manage the later their i always the issue of having your brand as an artist known to the masses and this has proven to be the greatest challenge so far many artists up-rising.

Fresh on the scene is Williamz a young artist with the focus and will to take Kenyan music global, a motto that he swears to live by as he claims success in his career as a musician.

Born on the 27th day of June 1996 in Nairobi , Williamz has had the passion for music and while his God given talent has backed this passion, the once a dream of him being a music artist in now a life reality.


Focused on his ambitions the youngster is not not shaken over anything as he is often telling his peers that it was music or nothing for him.

Williamz is highly versatile across all genres and is always ready to experiment with new sounds and styles giving him the so much needed advantage to many artist as he can work with just about any sound and produce amazing music.


Looking to build a legacy in the music scene, to him the dream is to take over the international scene by storm and be recognized as one of the greats in the music industry.

Williamz is highly ambitious and his talent goes a long way to support his ambition.

Listen to his latest project No Drama Produced by Liselo below and share with us your thoughts in the comment box.