Introducing Shyro | The Girl With Exceptional Looks, Breathtaking Personality and The Voice of An Angel


Shyro is a Kenyan based musician whose music is aimed at expressing the simplicity of everyday life through songs.

Critics have described her music as being “refreshing” “entertaining”, “relatable” and “non stop hits”.

Her brand “Shyro”, which is also her real name has been associated with excellence, consistency and accessibility.

It’s not every day that you meet a “girl next door” with exceptional looks, breathtaking personality and the voice of an angel with a superb range.

Beyond the music she seeks to inspire others as she has come from a humble background and slowly found her place in the local music scene.

Shyro believes that we can all strive to be better versions of ourselves and move beyond the simplicity of competition so that we can set a standard for another generation to achieve more than we achieved.

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Watch the teaser to her upcoming single “I need Love” and you will understand just what Shyro is all about.