Introducing Phieso | Kenya’s New Dancehall Queen Claiming The Throne With Flare


​Born in October 1994 as Phieso mwihaki better known by her stage name Phieso is young talented Kenyan dancehall recording and performing artist.

The Nairobi diva lived a childhood that was consumed with dancehall music quit the reason that made major contribution to her style of music.

“Growing up I was way too young to listen to the music I wanted to listen to, so instead of my mom buying me music, I would secretly take from my elder brother’s CD collection to get my fix” she reminisced.

Her talent of music manifested at a tender age as she remembers writing her first rap at 10 years old for a assignment in a elementary school music class while attending Marion Preparatory School slightly overlooking the fact that her classmates were overwhelmed with her ability.

 “I grew up listening to music in ways different than others, I was always studying yet people would get annoyed because I knew every word to any song on the radio or CD.” She adds

The dancehall Queen who is compared to J. Cupri by critics released her debut single “Queen of Ndombolo” a track that gained her much needed acceptance and love from fans and critics alike. 


Releasing her latest hit single dubbed “Wikidest Love” Phieso has so well used her knowledge of music to exploit her lyrical prowess as well as her charming dancehall style.

The new track has the video out as well directed by the famous Ricky Bekko and is available now on YouTube.
Watch “Wikidest Love” as performed by the Kenya’s newest dancehall Queen Phieso, share with us your thoughts in the comments box on this one, hope you enjoy.