Introducing Kapnea | RedRes Very Own Is Here To Change And Shape The Future Of Music


Raphael Mbwana Lugho alias Kapnea was born 4th of September 1992 in Ukunda, Mombasa, Kenya.His love for music began and grew along with him during his school years but Kapnea began his musical journey at a local studio around his home town.

His name Kapnea came across from back in the days of him being his school volleyball captain “Kap”, followed by a million wishes of one day becoming a multimillionaire “nea” to change the lives of many people living in poverty around and within his society.

In the year 2014 Kapnea met one of his old good friends from high school Jackson Kuto also known as Jax, who promised to support him.

Jax took Kapnea to TK2 studio, one of the best studios in Mombasa, during this period Kapnea recorded and released three tracks exclusively namely “Ruka”, “Changamka” and “Naongea”.

In the Mid 2016, Kapnea took his journey to Machakos town Kenya where he was signed by RedRes Records one of the best and steadily rising labels in the country, where he got the chance to be signed in and began his professional recording.

Later 2016 Kapnea released his first track “Cheza” under the label with the help of his super producer Ondiko of Resoundz Media Studios. Since then, he has got the chance to perform at different events and festivals around the country.

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Unveiling his new track “Nouma”, which is his first single this year released on 17th Feb 2017.

Nuoma is a Swahili song which is majority themed around appreciating ladies the way they are, and the way these cute beings can make the world go crazy without their presence.

The track has been produced, mixed and produced by Ondiko at Resoundz Media Studios. Kapnea engages in hip hop and kapuka music with a Kenyan feel and he’s a strong believer in the power that youth posses to change and shape the future.

He writes and performs his music by himself, spends most of his time at the studio. Kapnea is inspired by nature, real life happenings, experiences and other hip hop kapuka top stars…Oooh and did I say he is also a Chef by profession, well now you know.