Introducing Dentist | Young Star From Machakos County Reaching For The Skies

Born Ibrahim Katunga, 24 years old Dentist as he is popularly known is a performing dance hall Kapuka artist based in Mlolongo Machakos county.

Dentist was born in Kenya in the ghettos of Mlolongo and he gets most of his music inspiration from the streets he was raised in ”I have been in the ghetto since I was a toddler , I got in the streets at a very young age because that’s just how I was trained by the streets. I am proud to say that I am the only Kenyan artist with street credibility.” Dentist explains.

Dentist started his career at a very young age, he started by performing for his Sunday school friends,he continued this way and it has rewarded him by winning a lot of trophies from talent shows across the country.

He was also privileged to work with big names in the industry at a very young age,curtain raising and even performing along them. The only thing that stood on his way was his parents because they wouldn’t let him hit the studio until he finished high school.

He recorded his first song after completion of his high school education but his professional musical debut starts with his single ‘We Party’. ” I have been in the game as an underground artist long enough and I believe ‘We Party’ is going to be my biggest break through, I have already made mistakes that are to be made by an artist and I have learnt from them” he says.

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Coming from his upcoming album whose details he is yet to reveal-” We Party” is a feel good club banger and its going to be the ultimate party song this year.

“Parties are the only things in this world that people wish would last forever. In the song I explain how this party is never ever going to stop at any cost,not the parents,club owners or even the cops are going to make them stop,and if they tell us to stop we like nye nye nye bubu…”Dentist explains.

From his words-Dentist is definitely on his way to the top of his game and its just a matter of time before he fully blossoms as a star.