Introducing Crow_KE | A Nakuru Based Multi-talented Music Group.


Crow_KE is a group of artist based in Nakuru that incorporates various talents, from rappers, singers, photographers, animators, script writers and many more who share the same goal of using their art to tell stories that may or may not be their own we with focus on producing good art.


Alex Kabiru Chege better known by his stage name as Suichi Chege is a rapper, a singer songwriter and a programmer, born in Kingop,Nakuru on the 28TH day of January 1993, Suichi Chege is one of the founder members of Crow_KE.

Getting his inspiration from artists like Lupe Fiasco, Capital Steez, Switchfoot, Kitu-sewer and Childish Gambino just to mention a few, Suichi Chege is the emotional guy in the group.


Brian Omwaka was born on 27th June 1994 in Nakuru and raised in the same town, he is an Art director, a video producer among other things, he is the interestingly tallest member of Crow_KE and the guy who generates idea.

Getting his influence from Red Hot Chili Peppers and himself, Brian has been friends with Alex since Primary school and they always knew the shared something great hence him joining the group.


Born on the 1ST day of July 1994 in Kinangop_Roswell Nakuru is Waithera the One, she is the only female member of the group, a singer and in other words the ingredient that spices up the sound of a track.

Doing contemporary rock and hiphop, Waithera draws her influences from Jamie Grace, Lecrae and Britt Nicole which made her join the group through her brother and cousin

Caeser Kun

Thuo Mwaura also known by his stage name as Ceasar Kun was born on May 25TH 1991 in Nakuru where he was raised too.

Being one of the founding members-Caesar Kun is Singer songwriter and a rapper too, in the group he is also the concept guy and draws his influence from Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, J. Cole and Joey Badass

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Ben Omwaka also known as Benstake was born on the 16TH day of December 1991 in Nakuru, being the guy that puts the puzzle pieces together as he plays the role of a manager to the group Benstake handles communication related tasks, photography and soon he will be doing video production.

Drawing his artistic influence from Roberte Greene, Wole Soyinka, Fid Q, Franco, Elani, Tyler the Creator and the awrd winning Enos Olik amongs others, Benstake joined the group through his brother Brian.


Their debut song titled “Falling” is a fusion of rock and Hip Hop was produced by JP Johazi- A music producer based in Nakuru, this amazing artists bring in their unique and diverse talents to deliver a perfect piece of art; Suchi Chege starts in the first verse, the second verse done by Caesar Kun and the chorus as well as bridge sang by Waithera.

That is not all as Crow_KE has all the tools and brains they need, the artwork for “Falling” was done by Ben Omwaka

”The idea came up from our very own life experiences and of those we know” Crow_KE