Introducing Ashley Scarlette | Newest Emerging Talent From The Lakeside City Of Kisumu


Known for being the city by the biggest fresh water lake in the world-Kisumu has been the hub for most emerging talents on the music scene.

From the vocally gifted Suzanna Owiyo, the all boy band benga stars Creative Band of Kenya popularly known as CBK and even the super dancer and fashion enthusiast Kysh Roberts, this lake side city is rising to the globe.

Introducing the newest talent Ashley Ayuma alias Ashley Scarlette; a young singing and talented young artists ailing from Kisumu making her first strides into the music scene.

The Nairobi based singer and composer has managed to grace events at both the famous lakeside chill zone- Rooftop and a number of events as she hopes to grace some of grandest stages.

“I am girl who loves travelling, I love music and singing, I compose my own songs” she states.

Her debut single “Its You” a love song that she says was inspired by her surroundings and the people in her life, a project undertaken by SBRS at Clastar Studios.

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Bringing on board her smooth vibes, this track incorporates some flava of ragga-dancehall feel made possible by Castar while possessing heavy danceable beat.

Listen to “Its You” as performed by Ashley Scarlette below, hope you enjoy as we await more tracks coming from this new talent coming soon.