Introducing Aleeb Calebo | Fast Rising Singer, Rapper and Spoken-word Artist.


Born on the as Caleb Oriedo better known by the masses and his fans as  Aleeb calebo is the newest and freshest act on the Kenyan music scene, unlike most talented young stars who are gifted with a single form of musical ability, Aleeb has it all under one roof.

As a singer, rapper and a spoken word artist Aleeb comes a full bundle of talent as he can experiment with several genre and musical sounds and the results are spectacular.

Hailing from Bunyore-western part of Kenya, He discovered his musical talent a quit a tender age while in his Primary school years and just like most talented young promising talents in the rural side of the country he did know know much about music and failed to access proper means to nature his talent.

“I discovered I could sing when I was in primary school but I was young and did not know about studios and recording” Aleeb explains.


Even with all this goldmine of talent awaiting to be explored, it wasn’t until later in 2010 when he moved to Nairobi that he stepped foot in the studio for the first time to do his debut single “Mapenzi ya Kweli”.

“I went to Nairobi met up with producer Double P and I did my first studio jam, ‘Nakupenda’ under Midas Touch Record…It was not received with much love as expected but this did not break my heart and that is how my second single ‘Nakupenda’ was done” Aleeb added

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His third single was “Janga la Mapenzi”came in at such a critical moment as two of its preceding projects did not prove to be that fruitful.



In spite starting off low and slow, Aleeb maintained a steady movement forward in both development and growing of his musical career, and 2016 has been the year of his breakthrough in the music industry.

Currently enjoy a fair share of the airwaves on the local entertainment scene with his latest release dubbed “Nitajuaje”(How will I know) a Swahili track that he uses to show his musical prowess and explore his vocal abilities, a song that he launched successful on both KBC radio taifa and KBC channel 1 ob 29th of July, 2016.

Recorded at dreamland studios and produced by super producer Dr. Eddie listen to “Nitajuaje below and share with us your thoughts in the comments box. Enyoy.