Intellectual Scum – This film’s 15 minutes aboard a plane will be the best you ever had.

We’ve heard of books, biographies and even novels adapted into movies but I know many wouldn’t have thought that an educator, historian, author, and media practitioner would one day write an article that would impact the African content so much to the point one Kenyan filmmaker has decided to make a film out of his article.
Directed by Njue Kevin, the 15min short film titled Intellectual Scum, an adaptation from the acclaimed article, “You lazy African Intellectual Scum” By Field Ruwe has brilliantly gone into production and will made its premier on the 2nd of April 2015, albeit at a private screening.


Now for those who have never read the article “You lazy African intellectual scum” (1st published on January 18, 2012.), it tells the story of, an African intellect, On board a commercial airplane, sits next to a White man who has a strong perception on Africa. In their conversation, which is utterly brutal, honest and to some extent racist, Walter (the white) blames the “intellectuals” as to why Africa is in such a deplorable state.
With a successful track record of doing business in Africa with big organizations like the IMF, Walter, a white man, loses faith in the continent when his backpack gets stolen while taking a not so fancy safari. In it, losing a sentimental watch.
On a plane to London for a news broadcast show ‘Agenda Africa’, Walter sits next to an African man (Ruwe) with an exact similar if not exactly the same watch. Disappointed that a well groomed, possibly well-educated man could possess a stolen item, Walter opens up about his view on Africa.

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“When I read the article 2 years ago, the material warmed my heart and I knew instantly this was a film I wanted to make; a story I wanted to tell. At first I didn’t know how to go about making it, but on strong will and faith, I set out on a journey. Side by side, with the help of an incredible team.” Recalls the director Njue Kelvin.
“My biggest challenge was finding the Commercial airplane to film on considering 100% of the story setting is inside a plane. We thought of building sets, but budgets couldn’t allow. We borrowed favours but none was forthcoming.” He adds.
The two principal cast playing Walter (Jason Corder) and Ruwe( Patrick Oketch) are both experienced Kenyan actors and therefore we are guaranteed a performance befitting the story.
Watch the teaser below.

Source – Actors Kenya.