How To Maximize On Your Phone During The Covid-19 Lockdown


For social media enthusiasts, you may have noticed hashtags such as #WorkingFromHome or #WorkingFromHomeChallenge trending on either Twitter or Facebook. You may have even participated in some of them and maybe shared some of your experiences from working from home.

From the conversation going on online, many Kenyans miss being at the office. It seems many people hate being indoors and some wish the deadly Coronavirus was just a dream so that it fades and allows them to be back at work. This too shall pass, yes, not seemingly not so soon.

Kenya is currently under a dusk to dawn curfew. All Kenyans are expected to be at their homes from 7.00pm and only expected to be out from 5.00am. As some Kenyans struggle to adhere to the curfew, some are constantly indoors, day and night, working and not taking a risk of venturing into the streets at this time.

What is keeping you busy as you remain indoors? Is it your television? Is it your phone? Chances are that whatever is keeping you busy at home is your phone. Time often flies when one is glued on a phone either playing a game or for those keen on social media, exchanging ideas with others on various platforms.

There is a lot of anxiety at the moment as a result of Coronavirus. People are increasingly becoming restless, scared and not knowing what might befall them. How can your phone help you get through this time, and at the same time ensuring that you remain safe?

According to OPPO Electronics, a giant smartphone maker and who has become a darling of those who love phones with clear cameras and large storage spaces, there are various ways that people can use their smartphones during this period. In most cases, people who use mobile phones only manage to utilize only a third of what their phones can be able to do.


Here are some of the things you can do with your phone during this period:


All smartphones from Oppo come with great audio hardware that enables one to play their coolest music with or without headphones. All in all, music is food for the soul.

One can also use the phones to download and play games both online and offline. A good game will always keep someone busy. A great game will always make someone long for longer days. A good phone should have enough game space.


There is a lot of information flying online concerning the Coronavirus. Through a smartphone, one can have access to various sources of information, on social media or news sites. But remember to always be keen on verifying information that is credible and what is not.

Storing memories

Great days are made of great memories. Oppo phones have great storage enabling someone to store huge files for future reference. This is the time for you to make those interesting videos and document your memories of what is happening. You can also take pictures of your good moments while at home with your family. A good camera should be clear in every shot, a master in image master and ultra-night mode.

Going cashless

The government is encouraging Kenyans to go cashless by the use of mobile banking. By having a banking app, one can carry out all the banking activities as though they were in an actual bank. This is not the time for you to walk around with banknotes. Let your phone do the banking for you.

Parting shot? “As Oppo, we care. Stay at home. Wash your hands. Sanitize your phones and stay safe,” says the giant.