Hauna by Aslay | Bongo Star Unveils Visuals To His All New Single

Been a few years since this young Bongo Flava artist hit the scenes, at first he was more comical with his creations and has grown to own his personal identity as a musician.

Unveiling yet another hit single barely a few weeks after he released “Natamba”, a collaborative effort between him and and fellow artist Pusha is still making rounds on local media stations.

“Hauna” which is a Swahili word that translates to you have none, is a Bongo Flava track that Aslay uses to address the issue of snatching of lovers, in this case his best friend goes behind his back to marry his girlfriend whom both used to spend time with.

Produced by Zest, the track is accompanied by stunning visuals directed by Emperor.

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Watch them below and hope you enjoy.

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