For You by Jody Phibi | Princess Of Rwandan Music Celebrates Birthday With New Visuals


They say we’re are born once but that does not stop us from celebrating this special day that we came into this world. Throw a party if you want, go on a trip or just stay at home with family and friends.

Jody Phibi, The Princess of Rwandan and African Music, decided to do things a little different as she jumped in the booth to record a brand new single for her birthday.

The singer known for her killer vocals celebrated her birthday a few days after dropping her brand new video entitled “For You”, a love song that Jody pours her heart out in with confessions from her heart.

Various big deejay, televisions and radios stations in both Uganda and Rwanda are showing massive love to her new video by keeping it on high rotation.

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Produced and directed by Bagenzi Bernard Afro-Pop, enjoy they new single below.

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