Essentials For Submitting A Press Release To Actually Get Press (Part 2)


In my first feature, I introduced the whole process to writing a press and getting a feature, now I will share the steps towards you actually getting a feature. If you have not read the first part of this series kindly read it here.

  • Decide whether you’ll make your song a premiere to a particular site or various sites (which most times mess up with your earnings)
  • Do research on places and people you can pitch to.
  • (Why I wrote the article.) How strategic are you when pitching to the identified persons.

Once you know who or where you want to pitch, be strategic about how you get in touch.

It is so hard to most times start a conversation with us… me especially since I have a lot on my plate to clear, seldom do I look sideways. I concentrate on my plate, so no you will not get to see a smile coming your way.  Because of email correspondence needed, deadlines to be meet and trends to keep up with its impossible to get a light moment. This however does not apply to me but most bloggers too. For that reason try to establish a relationship of trust, make it your goal to find the place where we prefer to correspond and respect our privacy.

For Kenyan Musik we have tried as much to avail even our personal numbers, social media accounts to smoothen communications. We are active on all social media platforms trying as much to give as immediate as possible kind of responses. So you now have identified channels of communication …, which one is your preferred? Establish a connection. However don’t spam inboxes with links… respect my people respect.

Once your connection has been established and take note sometimes just a “Hi” most times do not get any responses. Introduce yourself so that at first glance the person in the receiving end is able to clearly understand why you have reached out. They too have lives you know and just maybe your number seems familiar …mmmhhh… clearly indicate the reason as to why you have reached out to them. With this the editor is able to follow up on your message knowing exactly how to handle you. Remember you have one shot at this so make it count.

Once you have someone on the line, make sure you feel good about what you are pitching .

Do you listen to your work? Hehehe have you listened to your work after production? Why? Why? Why would you want me to be the first to listen to your song/poetry after production? Find yourself a quiet place or even at night. Get some earphones listen… listen do not hear your work but listen to it. If you are confident and it feels right, send it through to us. We will surely be glad to share it with the world.

Some creative’s cannot even hymn along to beats of their work. Where’s the self-belief people. You decide to do it do it to your level best believe me it will reflect.

For you to be taken seriously by the person on the receiving side be it a potential fan or the blogger make sure the music is mixed properly and everything is mixed properly and that everything once again reflects your efforts and what you envision for the song. Make sure it is your best presentation.

Then, make it easy for people to hear and consider your music.

Here you are connection established, self-confidence, so how do you avail this music to the writer. Honestly, the fact that the blog is Kenyan flavored does not mean am wholly a Kenyan music lover so kindly send a link. Yes a link not the work itself. When you send this link to a us, we are able to at least keep our playlists in check. Let us have this professional done so that we can have your work on our devices at our own volition.

Please. Get into reading about how to privatize your links. Private but shareable links is the best way to go. Leave the embedding links to us …will handle it from there. The link to your work is good enough.


For a feature to be successful, we all know that we need something visual to go with it. Obviously anyone looks at the artwork before clicking to view what the whole article is about or even the song. That is why if I don’t know you and I feel visually attracted to your work I will want to see if your music is that fine too.

This is your hustle right? Then why aren’t you hustling right!

Have some professional if not super clear photos of yourself. If it ain’t you on the cover of the album then invest in someone to do quality cover art for you. Not the drake or Beyoncé kind of cover art but hey you can manage something dope even if it’s simple. Make sure that these images, which ever it could be are worthwhile. Hi-res kind of quality but small enough to be attached. Ain’t cashing in 1gb of data on your photo!

Once you have this in place throw in At least 2 or three extra images. The more the variety the nicer your feature will be as this will, give the writer options. One can be used as a thumbnail image that travels with the post online the rest within the post itself.
Did you know that as a writer there isn’t any more motivation other than getting a creative who understands that different platforms require different photo sizes and avails these photos indicating which platform it bests suits. Well now you know.

The series continues, I have availed my next part and of this series with more tips.