Eminem And Pink Might Tag Again To Drop A New Hit Song Very Soon

Don’t you love it when two of your favorite artists for a tag team to deliver amazing hit songs that top charts? Well good news is that Eminem and Pink are set to team up for new songs very son.

Unlike his custom where we hardly know what he is up to until he actually releases a new project, the crew behind Michigan based “Mojo in the Morning” show that airs on iHeart Media, had a chat with their Senior VP of programming, and he revealed that during a trip to New York, he heard about the project between Eminem and Pink.

Travatto, said that there is a new Eminem, Pink song coming out that he says is unbelievable, he got a chance to be one of the first to hear it, and it will be coming out here very, very soon.

You might remember this two from their collabo “Won’t Back Down”, and if it actually is true that they are working on something, you better expect fire.

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Below is Pink’s “What About Us” off her new album “Beautiful Trauma” out October 13.