Born Garrick Demond Husband and known to his fans as Numskull or Nummy Num is a West Coast rapper famous as one half of the platinum hip-hop duo The Luniz along with Yukmouth.

As a solo artist, he released one solo album titled “NumWorld” and an album titled “Clee and Drankalot” with Digital Underground member Cleetis Mack.

He was nominated for a Grammy for his collaborative RnB track “Stomp” on the Quincy Jones Juke joint album which also included vocals by Chaka Khan, Coolio, and Shaquille O’Neal.

Unveiling his latest single, Numskull comes with a extra uplifting track about “Doing Good Now”, and its packed with a lot of dope lyrics, metaphors, and adlibs.

The vibe of the track itself is uplifting, and Nummy Num proves himself to be comical and fun throughout the track, and even gives a shout out to the new rap gods Kendrick and J Cole for their dope songwriting ability.

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Nummy Num is currently in the works of a EDM album set for release soon so keep an eye out for Nummy Num as his new music is sounding better than ever before!

Listen to “Doing Good Now” below and download here