DJ Creme de la Creme stands tall after 48 hours of hell fire

Is it just me or it’s a little too much what people are willing to do for a short lived fame without care of the resulting effects of their 2 minutes road trip to stardom, now we all have or may somehow have gotten our hands on the viral video of the leaked sextape of Epic Nation’s CEO DJ Creme de la Creme with a woman alleged to be Halima Nassir that has been making rounds on social media from Monday something that has been seen to turnish the highly celebrated DJ Creme’s image and must have inflicted a deep wound to his family of one and two kids.

DJ Creme decided to remain calm and unshaken and he has finally spoken out on his instagram where he posted his photo with his wife and two children with caption “The past 48hours have not been easy. My past, care free and reckless, has come to the light. The manner in which it did is unfortunate, nonetheless, it needs me to meet it head on.” where he penned down an apology to his Wife Halima,his son and daughter and certainly did not forget the friends and fans who have been of great support during this tuff times and it’s clear DJ Creme has taken full responsibility for his action and it’s time to move on.