Coastal singer Sudi Boy finds love after losing wife a year ago.


Coast based singer Sudi Boy is not one to let his life grind to a halt after he lost his dear wife a year ago. Sudi, a father of one, was bereft of a spouse when his wife passed on after a short illness.

Sudi who is famed for belting out love song after love song is a sentimental man. The Naona Bado star posted a highly emotional message to his dead spouse, Salma Lutevesi remembering her birthday a few weels ago.

He wrote: “Tarehe ya Leo mwezi huu ndio ilikuwa birthday yako nakumbuka mara ya mwisho ulinambia utaskia poa kama utaifanyia Tanzania nakamakweli mungu aliitikia dua yako nakuifanyia huko ingawa sikukuwepo yani dah hayoyote nasema niya MUNGU .kikubwa sitochoka kukuombea kwa #MWENYEZIMUNGU akuepushe nadhabu zakaburini #happybirthday kipenzi changu hatakama hauko tena siwezi sahau sikuhii yaleo R.I.P”

(Today, this month was to mark your birthday. I remember the last you told me you would have loved to celebrate your big day in Tanzania. And, God did indeed bless us enough and you did celebrate it there, although I was not there to enjoy the day with you. I will never tire praying for you. Happy birthday, my love. Even if you are no longer with us, I cannot forget your special day. R.I.P)

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Sudi boy instagram

The Mombasa star seems to have moved on and meet a hot “bae”. He flaunted photos of their relationship on social media.

The intimate photos show the couple strolling on the white sandy beaches of the Kenyan coast taking selfies.

Meet the new bae only identified as Cashatter.

Sudi boy bae

Source – The Star