Churchill Show Pulled Off Air By Ezekiel Mutua After Two Of It’s Comedians Went Rogue


By far Churchill Show is the most popular comedy show in Africa, founded by the funniest man in Kenya Daniel Ndambuki and you get how it got it’s name.

Watched by millions across the globe, this show is known as the platform that offers opportunities to upcoming stars to showcase their talent leading to many names being born from this stage.

MCA Tricky, Professor Hamo and even the guy scaling the heights of comedy himself Eric Omondi have all gone through and been natured by this show.

Airing every Sunday of the week at 8PM East African Time on Nation Media’s NTV, this show has attracted many audience of mixed age and ethnicity hence its high ratings but last night was not business as usual.

In the stunt to pull what could be be a live advertisement by a popular female comedian from the coast by the name Zeddy where she was furious at a man in the audience she referred to as his deadbeat baby daddy and and a man she was seeing yet she was married having refused to take on responsibility of their new born child.

The act was so real to the extent of exchanging several abusing and both use of vulgar words with fellow comedian Karis and others trying to calm her down and sending both the audience and viewers in shock.

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In the midst of this whole madness and confusion,  Zeddy broke into a loud laugh and reveled this was nothing more than just an advert for Nivea Cool.

Too late for an apology I guess since the show was cut off immediately for reasons I guess- x rated content airing at that hour on national television.

The episode which was shot at the newly opened Two Rivers Mall on March 5th managed to air only for 25 minutes before it was removed.

Churchill who released a statement in apology to viewers stating reasons for the show not being able to air fully was due to technical issues but if you ask me Ezekiel Mutual was the “Technical Issue”  they faced.

In a statement this morning the KFCB boss posted on his facebook saying.


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