Champion by Kris Joe | Meru Finest Makes New Year’s Return With This Afropop Banger


It’s been over a a year and half since I was introduced to this young talented rapper and singer, if my memory serve me correctly the song was “Acapella Lover” that offered me the opportunity to indulge in his world of music.

He is back ladies and gentlemen, Kris Joe makes a return for the new year with another project in his local dialect of Meru.

Listed among the few Meru artists who are proving the saying Merus can’t sing wrong as he releases a new song dubbed “Champion” or “Nchamba” a Kimeru word meaning a champion or a warrior.

“Champion” is an Afro-pop song blended with Kimeru, Dholuo, Swahili and English resulting in a new fusion that makes this song a club banger.

“Everybody is a champion, if only he or she believes in themselves. I believed am an international and I believed am bigger than what people passive about me. This song is meant to give anyone the psych to believe again. Champions are admired worldwide, so I am” Kris explains

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With is simple and catchy lyrics, the song carries an important celebratory message but maintains its fun qualities as you can’t help but just dance to the beat.

Produced by Somi Records, Loop muzik and Tony Touch, listen to this track below and share with us your thoughts on this one, enjoy.