Caribbean King Ammi the Veggieman To Unveil His Latest Offering On January 23 At Pawa254

One of the only artist you can ask, ‘And what else do you do apart from music?’ and they will proudly say farming, Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Ammi also known as the Veggieman, a Caribbean born musician and farmer who currently resides in Kenya.

A talented performer who has managed to stage high octane performances across the globe from Antigua, Ghana, here in Kenya, in the United States and well as the Queen’s land UK.

His lyrical content which always cuts deep in delivering positive messages, reason for his ever budding audience. Majoring in the reggae and roots, the organic farmer born in Antigua has been performing from his youth beginning with his own beat box vocals since the age of 13. From there he developed as a musical artist from the culture of the islands and Hebraic traditions from the African Hebrew Israelite Community located in Dimona, Israel.

Ammi the Veggieman who has three studio albums under his belt, ‘The Spirit Of My People’ released in 1997, ‘Kingdom Come’ in 2007 and ‘Africa Is My Home’ in 2014 has teamed up with a vast number of artists to give us hits like Dana Aoko, Cece Sagini, Michelle Muriuki and Juliane just to mention a few.

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The ‘Rock step’ and ‘Rising up’ star will be unveiling his all new offering ‘Fists Up So’ featuring David Hunter this coming week on Tuesday 23rd January 2018 in a live event that will be fun and full of giveaways.  Slated to take place at Pawa 254 Rooftop, YMCA Building on Statehouse Road.

Bring a friend along to experience best of Ammi the Veggieman live, David Hunter, electric dance moves from B-Boy Harry Bolt and Co.


Venue: Pawa254 Rooftop
Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM
Entry: Absolutely Free

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