Bleeding In love – Royal Phonce featuring Bidan [LYRICS] 



I say you got me,

y-y-you Trynna put you on,

Now put you o-o-on ooon,

Now let me(now let me) x2

{Verse One}
Snap back and’em fitted jeans,

When i saw you i knew i had to get up in’em jeans,

Baby if you know what i mean,

Cause I’ll be a-at your crib trynna make love to you,

And if you don’t mind, 

Baby i wanna boo you,

Aint no crazy situation, 

Baby i won’t screw you,

The next day you’ll be calling me telling me (telling me)

You make me wanna fly (hiiigh)

And there’s something i wanna do tonight, 

And you don’t have to cry (aaah)

You need to sit down this may take a while x2
I wanna know oh-ohh,

You really got me on tonight,

I wanna know oh-ohh,

if you feeling this love tonight, x2

{Verse Two} 
Take my hands lemme lead the dance,

I less deserve your love,

But you best of convincer,

Damn my baby right, 

Charming like an angel sent, 

From above,

You say would help me gather back,

All the broken pieces, 

scared to say hello cause it hurts to say goodbye, 

Isn’t bout your eyes perfection,

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But it got me by surprise,


But you simply captivated by my love,

Wish time could stop here, 

I have your love forever,

[Hook] (repeat) 

Ohh – ohh 

You really got me on tonight,

I wanna know,

ohh – ohh

If you feeling this love tonight,x2

I say you got me,(You got me)

Now trynna put you on,(now put you o-o-on on)

now lemme (now lemme)


This feeling got me on,

You got me on,

This feeling got me on,

And i… I’m going on,

This feeling got me on,

Going on.