Best music making mobile applications every musician should try out.

It’s 2016 and the generation is moving so fast tech-wise, as a musician, producer or just a lover of music you need some essential tools and what a better way with the fact that technology has simplified it all and you can have it all at the tips of your fingers, so below we sample two that we find best and the suggested list too.
The best of our pick is Olympia Noise Co’s Patterning Drum Machine as the best mobile music app, this amamzing app is still new and was launched last year but it has all the essentials needed. Patterning could be the poster child using mobile devices for music, pairing polyrhythmic and polymetric power with a great UI and an surprisingly modest price tag Kshs.820.00(Current Exchange Rates).
The granular synth app Borderlands 2.0 takes the second spot in our ranking followed by Ableton Link which is not a conventional app, per se, but a new technology that makes it easier to jam with multiple mobile and desktop devices.
I believe there are at least a thousand more mobile applications that can make it possible for one to jam right on your mobile device, which raises the question will studios be of no use in the near future with such developments being done at such a fast pace and with amazing brains, creative developers and the smartest people the planet?Could this be the beginning of the end to music made in studio? Will producers still have jobs once artists learn how to make that beat on their mobile devices or they will just extinct and remain nothing but mere tales like those of dragons and dinosaurs ?

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Check out the full list below and let us know what you think of these mobile music making apps!

Patterning Drum Machine
Borderlands 2.0
Ableton Link
Fugue Machine
Korg iM1
iMaschine 2
Audiomux + MIDIMux
Auria Pro
Figure 2
Waldorf Attack Drums
Music IO